About Howard Moore

I have traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe and parts of the Middle East studying and absorbing the great works of art and culture of the world. Primarily self-taught, I exhibited my work and studied under several tutors 20 years ago. Then,  feeling the need to indulge in my artistic "spirit" I took a hiatus from teachings and exhibitions, but always my muse cajoled me to keep creating. Returning home to the beautiful state of South Carolina, most of my work now consists of commissioned portraits. Periodically, I feel the need to express myself on canvas creating abstract pieces, most of which are expressionist in nature. Emulating some of the giants of that movement like deKooning, Klein, Richter, Motherwell and Rothko is humbling at times but I feel it keeps my work "fresh". Life is art, everywhere we go and in everything we experience as people of the world.

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